Photos of our current lifestyle

Photos of our home, neighbourhood, travel and lots of home-cooked food…  I don’t want to talk about money this time but let the pictures do the talking 🙂


  • We live in a place with good facilities for the general public which allows us to  save as well as enjoy a comfortable lifestyle which I have showcased below.
  • All the cane furniture in our house was bought used from OLX and fixed up  with varnish and repairs courtesy of my wife and her father.
  • As first-time cooks we got all our recipes online from Indian blogs like  vegrecipesofindia , kannammacooks etc and International recipes from jamieoliveritdoesnttastelikechicken, sallysbakingaddiction etc apart from our respective mothers 🙂
  • Our swimming pool membership at a nearby 5-star hotel costs an affordable Rs.6000/year courtesy of my smart wife. The pool membership also comes with complimentary perks from their spa & restaurant.
  • The vacation photos are from Indian destinations 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Photos of our current lifestyle

  1. This is so cool 🙂 . We all imagine to retire and save now, you have done it. I landed on this page via times of India article, where you are mentioned

    1. thanks Rachana! the journey might seem daunting initially but once you get started on saving & investing you’ll enjoy it and reach the destination faster than you thought. Good luck to you! Do subscribe to the blog via email for more insights as I post them

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