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Planning for Early Retirement can seem like a daunting task because we are talking about a distant future with variables like (a) expected investment returns, (b) inflation etc…One can spend numerous hours, or even months debating the most fool-proof answer. But that is not wise because you are losing on time and compounding, your most powerful friends in reaching your goal. Use the below Early Retirement Calculator to find answers to your questions and get started. (double click on the cell to input data)(note: calculator may take up-to 2 mins to upload on your screen)

You can download this calculator by clicking–↑ Your changes will be saved once you download it on your computer

How to Use Early Retirement Calculator for your Retirement Planning:

We have made a video to take you through each step of using our calculator. Follow along.

This early retirement calculator will help you estimate:

  • Total retirement sum you need to retire early based on your current monthly expenses
  • Monthly SIP you need to reach your goal.

To simplify things and get started assume three Early retirement scenarios:

  1. Optimistic plan: Assume highest investment returns, lowest inflation
  2. Moderate plan : Assume moderate investment returns, moderate inflation
  3. Pessimistic plan: Assume low investment returns and highest possible logical inflation.

These three different assumptions will give you a band of time which takes care of your best to worst scenario. Choose one scenario that you are most comfortable with and start. You can revisit your assumption every three years and tweak them if necessary.

If the calculator is not uploading on the top of this page because of slow Internet or any other reason. You can download excel file onto you computer from link below: It is the same thing.

Plan early retirement with excel calculatorClick here to download Early Retirement Calculator File

How to use the Early Retirement Excel Calculator:

  1. You only have to input your assumptions in cell B3 to B9
  2. Rest of the columns are self explanatory.
  3. For expected return pre-retirement, inflation you can play with numbers and try different scenarios. Or go with the generic assumption provided in the excel sheet.
  4. Once you are done with filling your information you will get:
    • Your Inflation adjusted monthly expenses.
    • Total retirement corpus you need based on your  expenses.
    • Target SIP to reach your early retirement Goal.

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