Hacking Luxury on budget

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We are starting this series of hacking luxury on budget, where we will share how we enjoy luxury on budget. Saving up for the long term, being mindful about your spending and prudent with your money can sometimes make you feel like you are missing out on fun. So, we always keep our eyes and ears open for good deals and whenever opportunity arises we grab it and enjoy! Such breaks rejuvenate us and we come back even more energized towards our financial goals.

Life really is about balance and a little bit of luxury on budget provides us with the experiences and memories that fuel our consistency towards our financial goals.

Hack #1- Our 4-star hotel club membership

One such luxury we enjoy is our annual membership with a Four star property in our neighborhood for an annual cost of only INR. 6,000 (inclusive tax). We mainly got this membership for the pool access, it is a beautiful pool with a view of a river. But the best part is along with pool access, the membership offers us perks worth over INR. 20,000. Keep reading for a detailed break-up or watch the youtube video I made during our recent complimentary stay at the hotel.

swimming pool
Swimming Pool.  picture: The Crown
Pool Side Alfresco Dining Crown Hotel
Alfresco Dining By Pool. picture: The Crown
View from crown panjim swimming pool
View from The Swimming Pool. picture: The Crown

Watch video of how we hacked one night stay at a 4-Star Boutique hotel with spa and meals for just INR 2,000

We pay INR 6,000 annually and get perks worth INR 23,000:

  1. Swimming pool Access ( Value: Rs 9,600 / based on Public pool costs- 400 per person/month. The hotel pool is much cleaner & less crowded than a public pool)

  2. One night complimentary stay (Value Rs. 8,000)

  3. Cake on birthdays and anniversary ( Value Rs.1,500)

  4. 2 complimentary Spa Vouchers (Value Rs. 2,200)

  5. 2 Breakfast vouchers  (Value Rs. 2,000)

THIS TOTALS TO INR 23,300 for which we pay only INR 6000. 

Few other Perks we get as members:

  • 20% off on spa % & food and Beverage at Hotel
  • 4 Vouchers for 50% off on room night
  • 2 vouchers- 2 Nights for the price of 1 certificate
  • 2 vouchers- free upgrade to next category
  • 2 vouchers- buy one get one free
  • 20% discount on banquets hall

The CRISIS converted into a holiday:

So, here is what happened. We live on a ground floor, and our house was infested with ants for months. We tried all kinds of home remedies as well as ant repellent spray but nothing worked. In the end we had to hire a professional pest control agency. The agency asked us to vacate the house for minimum 3 hours after spray as inhaling the fumes can be harmful. But due to a health reason, we decided to leave our house for 24 hours after fumigation just to be safe. The problem was to find a place to stay overnight. Luckily our club membership provides us with one complimentary room night at the hotel and much more.

So we used this opportunity to pamper ourselves, we took a day off,  checked into the hotel, had spa and all meals in the hotel all for only INR 2000. Hotel Stay, SPA and breakfast was free and we just paid extra INR 2,000 for dining in the hotel 🙂

crown hotel room
Our Room. picture: The Crown
crown hotel restaurant
Restaurant. picture: The Crown

Share with us in the comments how you hack luxury on a budget! We’ll keep sharing more of our hacks.


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