Spendee is a great mobile app to track your expenses and budget, a basic requirement for early retirement planning. I wrote a blog post on my personal experience with Spendee three years back! You can read it here

I just upgraded to lifetime access to Spendee availing this offer after using the free version for the past 4 years. I’m a big fan of Spendee so this offer was too good to resist sharing with everyone even if it means an unscheduled blog post since this offer is valid only till August 31, 2018.

The regular price for Spendee premium is $22.99/year so the offer of lifetime access for a one-time payment of $39.99 is a good bargain. $39.99 works out to Rs.2800 (at exchange rate of Rs.70 for 1$)


Disclaimer: I don’t get any commission from sharing this information in case you are wondering 🙂

Why I Upgraded to premium version 

The basic version is available for free which is what I’ve been using for the past 4 years. It is more than enough to track your expenses if you are diligent and enter every expense and put it under a category manually like I’ve been doing. If you’ve never used this app before I suggest you use the free version first before deciding to upgrade. There is no hurry!

The reason I upgraded to the Premium version is because I’m looking forward to using  the “Bank accounts sync” feature that supports Indian banks and automatically categorizes my bank transactions. Also the multiple “Budgets” feature will come handy to track things like annual travel for example. In the future I’m hoping they sync with credit cards also to allow for more accurate categorization of expenses automatically like how Mint.com does. That way I don’t have to do anything extra to track expenses other than using the credit card!

More details here:

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 12.48.24 PM.png

How to get the offer?

The offer is available inside the Spendee app on iOS and Android phones. So download the latest version of the Spendee app to see the offer.



  1. may be i am bit paranoid you can say but do you think providing your bank and credit card details to third party is safe? i still prefer old fashioned see it on net banking and update offline excel file 🙂 i don’t want to take chances on any data leaks or hacking attempts… as i said.. this is just me being paranoid on web security specially with third party being involved where banks can easily refuse the complaints around security if the details are shared with third party.. that being the reason i do not use expenses trackers which reads sms and categories them..
    Please don’t mis-understand me, i am into IT and using netbanking since 2002 and ATM banking since 2001 .. i have hardly visited the bank branch.. but all goes through official website or through approved apps by banks.. Hope you get the point.

    • Hi Swapnil,

      You are not alone! We do not link our bank accounts to any third party. We manually input our expenses in our phone app- Spendee as soon as we spend the money.

      For fixed monthly expenses we just opt for recurring options so that we do not have to add it manually every month.

      As far as online payment is concerned we only use credit card, because in case of a fraud we can refute the payment.

      Below is the text from our credit card website, describing in what all scenario you can dispute CC charges. They do take it seriously.Citibank credit card has excellent customer support and that is a reason I keep 1 lac FD as a min. balance there inspite of getting .5% less in interest.

      I have a dispute on a transaction on my Citi Card. What are the possible categories that my dispute could fall under?
      The transaction that you need to dispute may fall under any of the below categories:
      Goods not delivered by merchant/Services not rendered.
      Unauthorized /Fraudulent transaction.
      Transaction failed but debited.
      Duplicate billing on the card for the same transaction at the merchant outlet.
      Non receipt of refund after the turn around time committed by the merchant.
      Paid by alternate means.
      Credit not processed by merchant.

      Your concerns are valid and I have made a note to write a blog post on it. We also follow number of other things to be safe digitally in today’s world of abundant choices. We are with you on this- One has to be careful.

      Thank you for sharing your thought with us. It enriches the whole discussion.

    • Swapnil,

      would you be interested to give a more detailed IT prospective on possible security risk in handling digital money and possible solutions. We will include it in a post we are writing about how to be safe with your money. Drop us an e-mail at habit.of.saving@gmail.com if you are interested.

  2. Have you tried perfios? It is having a free version , a gold version (500 rs) and platinum ( roughly 2800). It too syncs all your accounts for banks, mfs , direct stocks, credit cards.

    • I have a friend who uses Perfios and is happy with it. I haven’t tried it yet 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation for our readers.
      btw.. the platinium plan is at Rs.1425/year. https://www.perfios.com/index.php/pricing/
      this spendee offer is for lifetime access for a one-time payment of Rs.2800!
      in any case I have multi-year data on Spendee that I’m too lazy to move to a new software 🙂

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