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Times of India CoverageTimes of India coverage Apr 30, 2018:  TOI did a nationwide piece – These young professionals have a new motto- to retire early on Financial Independence and Early Retirement in India, which featured us:

Times of India articleclick here to read full article.

FEATURED IN SEPTEMBER, 2018 EDITION. Fired up Sundown at 40! Below is a snapshot. For full article click here

FEATURED IN MUMBAI MIRROR FOR – HOW TO RETIRE AT 40! Below is a snapshot. For complete online article click here

Retire at 40 Mumbai Mirror Article

94.3 Radio One Logo94.3 Radio one interview on May 1, 2018:Click here to listen to it. On the labour day I was interviewed on the role of financial independence in empowering and enabling youth to achieve their life goals.


Guest Posts:

What started as a comment on possibility of early retirement in India ended up a full guest post by me on this subject. Read full article here.