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It is very comforting to read success stories of people, especially if you have a similar goal as them. We love to learn from the experiences of people who have already achieved Early Retirement. Today we will share 4 of our favorite Blogs on Early retirement with you. They are U.S centric blogs. Since the FIRE community is much older and active in the USA it is only obvious that some of most enriching blogs are from there.

You may find understanding the maths in these blogs bit tricky, because of different currency, social context and financial markets. But still there is a lot of knowledge in these blogs that we feel can help and motivate any FIRE aspirant.

Mr. Money Mustache (MMM)

Mr. Money Mustache

MMM is a cult in himself and for a reason. He retired at age 30 from his job as software engineer in year 2005 to raise his baby boy. He talks about his finances and his lifestyle on his blog, since year 2011. He is now 43 and still going strong, famous for his badassity and redefining early retirement with a young family. He is married with one kid and lives in Colorado, USA.

Why we love MMM: His style is a mix of frugality, smart investing and DIY projects. He lives a pretty awesome lifestyle and on a closer look you will realize that he is much more than an Early retirement Guru. He is a life-optimizing machine- from grocery bills, to biking routes, to laundry frequency- he optimizes every aspect of his life and shares it all with his readers on his blog.His writing style is free, thought provoking and amusing at times when he refers to his targets as Car Clown, complainy-pants and consumer suckas.

What they do after Early Retirement: Mr. MMM spends time building things (renovating house, office building etc), sharing his story on his blog, bartering his skiils for a holiday in Hawaii and other stuff :-). And Mrs. MMM runs a successful 5 figure e-commerce shop.

Blog Name: mrmoneymustache

One of our Favorite blog posts by MMMThe Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement


Frugalwoods photo

Frugalwoods If you dream of retiring early to the woods- take a page from her. She retired to a homestead in Vermont USA. A queen of extreme frugality and a fine example of how one can live a fulfilling frugal life without endless compromise and achieve financial freedom. She makes frugality appear fun and a obvious way to live life. She is an author and a mother of two. On her blog Frugalwoods she writes about her monthly finances, living frugally, raising kids on a budget, life in a homestead and throws frugality challenges. She lives with her husband and two daughters in a homestead in Vermont, USA.

Why we love Frugalwoods: She makes frugality look possible, her perspective on using old/second-hand stuff from clothes to furniture is pretty convincing, and we love to read her posts on raising her beautiful family on budget.

What they do after Early Retirement: Frugalwoods writes on her blog, authored a book and had a second daughter after achieving financial independence. Her husband is a techie who works full time from their homestead.

Blog Name: Frugalwoods

One of our Favorite blog post by Frugalwoods: The Myth Of The Gross Used Things Though we may not bring ourselves to buy & wear used clothes from a thrift store, we agree with the rest of the stuff 🙂 Especially buying used furniture and hand-me-downs for kids from family and friends.


Retire-by-40 with son

Joe retired at 38 from his engineering career to become a Stay At Home Dad. As he progressed in his career he realized that the job was not a right fit for him and he had to get out of there. He started a blog to share his journey and keep a tab on his progress while he was still working. He is unique in sharing the dilemma about his job and his exit strategy from the corporate world on his blog. He is married and has a son and they live in Portland, USA.

Why we love retireby40: Joe focuses and shares information on building a passive income through real estate, dividends, P2P lending etc.. He also shares daily challenges of a stay at home parent, raising a kid and managing monthly budget after early retirement.

What They Do After Retirement: Joe is a Stay AT Home DAD and a blogger. His wife works full time, but has a plan to join him in Early Retirement in the next 2 years.

Blog Name: Retireby40

One of our Favorite blog post by retireby40: 6 Years After Early Retirement Update


Gocurrycracker photo

Who does not dream of retiring early and traveling the world. That is exactly what GoCurryCracker are doing after quitting their hi-tech jobs. They retired in their 30’s to travel the world and travelled 29 countries in first 3 years. They felt there is more to life than a good job, buying a house & working for 30+ years. From the start they saved and invested a big part of their income to fuel their dream of financial independence and world travel. They stayed in smaller houses, used bike instead of owning the car, ate home cooked food and only bought what was needed to save money.

Why we love them: They write about a nomadic life on the road with a child and cost of living for each country they visit. We also love reading about how to travel for free.

What they do after Early Retirement: They travel 🙂 also, Winnie pursues photography and Jeremy writes on his blog Gocurrycracker.

Blog Name: GoCurryCracker

One of our Favorite blog post on GoCurryCracker: 10 Years and A Day

Also we want to give a special mention to Earlyretirementextreme.He is among the first few to achieve and write about FIRE. We may not relate to his extreme saving and ultra simplistic lifestyle but have tremendous respect for his view on life and FIRE. If you have a minute more, do read his Manifesto.

That is all from us for now! In the weeks to come we will share the list of of our favorite bloggers in India.

Do share your favorite bloggers and why you like them with us in the comments. We love to hear from you.

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