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Sequence Risk

Sequence Risk Impact on Early Retirement

Sequence risk of returns also known as Sequence Risk can be one of the biggest risks in Early retirement. It is primarily the order in...
Our Family Photo

We want to hear from you

Hi folks, We have been writing for a year about early retirement and financial freedom. In the meantime this...
Tips for starting business

Tips For Starting A Business After Early Retirement

Most FIRE aspirants want to work in a field of deep interest to them after achieving their target corpus. Starting a Lifestyle Business based...
practise delayed gratification

Why We Practise Delayed Gratification And So Should You

In the blog post Our Plan to fund Kid's College Education, we shared how we were able to start the SIP for our Kid's College three...
How to pay for kids college

Our Plan to Fund Kid’s College and Recommendation

Even before our Son was born, Naren and I discussed in detail whether or not we should pay for our kid's college.  We both...
Pregnancy Expenses

Our Pregnancy Expenses in Goa, India

When we share our FIRE plans with family, friends and online, the most controversial topic of all is - What about raising kids while...
Have Kids before 30

Why having kids before age 30 makes sense

Most of our readers are already parents. We are writing this more for future young readers both married & single who are delaying having...
Baby birth announcement

We are parents!

Our Little Baby Boy has just arrived! So small and precious too... We just couldn't wait to share our happy news with you! - Sugandha & Naren
want to retire early to travel the world (1)

Want to Retire Early to Travel the World?

Some of us dream of traveling the world after retiring early but are apprehensive that just banking on retirement corpus may not be enough...

Our FIRE Journey Year Zero

This September, It is 4 years since we made the big Move- or so many big moves- Started our journey towards F.I.R.E, got married,...