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Have Kids before 30

Why having kids before age 30 makes sense

Most of our readers are already parents. We are writing this more for future young readers both married & single who are delaying having...
Baby birth announcement

We are parents!

Our Little Baby Boy has just arrived! So small and precious too... We just couldn't wait to share our happy news with you! - Sugandha & Naren
want to retire early to travel the world (1)

Want to Retire Early to Travel the World?

Some of us dream of traveling the world after retiring early but are apprehensive that just banking on retirement corpus may not be enough...

Our FIRE Journey Year Zero

This September, It is 4 years since we made the big Move- or so many big moves- Started our journey towards F.I.R.E, got married,...
Our Top 10 Financial Mistakes

Our Top 10 Financial Mistakes #FacePalm

We believe mistakes are the stepping stones to wisdom. So we try not to mull over too much over our past mistakes, however we...
how to retire at 40

Featured in Mumbai Mirror for How To Retire at 40

Last Monday Mumbai Mirror did a story on Early Retirement- How to retire at 40, it featured three Indian families, we were one of...
Early Retirement Interview_ Mahesh

Early Retirement Interview: Mahesh is 5 years away from claiming Early Retirement

Second in the series of Early Retirement success stories we have Mahesh an IT professional from Pune who shares his FIRE journey with us....
Safe Withdrawal Rate India

Safe Withdrawal Rate- How long will your money last in retirement

With lot of discipline and hard work you spent a decade or two saving up for your early retirement. Now how to be sure...

Having trouble tracking expenses? Lifetime access to Spendee Premium!

Spendee is a great mobile app to track your expenses and budget, a basic requirement for early retirement planning. I wrote a blog post...
Buying my first apartment

Buying my first Apartment – Lessons learned from my Dream turned into a Nightmare

The apartment I booked in 2008 for Rs.3000/sq.ft is now going for Rs.4500/sq.ft in 2018 ten years later. A grand CAGR of 4% for...