me on the beach
beach a drive away

Photos of our home, neighbourhood, travel and lots of home-cooked food…  I don’t want to talk about money this time but let the pictures do the talking 🙂


  • We live in a place with good facilities for the general public which allows us to  save as well as enjoy a comfortable lifestyle which I have showcased below.
  • All the cane furniture in our house was bought used from OLX and fixed up  with varnish and repairs courtesy of my wife and her father.
  • As first-time cooks we got all our recipes online from Indian blogs like  vegrecipesofindia , kannammacooks etc and International recipes from jamieoliveritdoesnttastelikechicken, sallysbakingaddiction etc apart from our respective mothers 🙂
  • Our swimming pool membership at a nearby 5-star hotel costs an affordable Rs.6000/year courtesy of my smart wife. The pool membership also comes with complimentary perks from their spa & restaurant.
  • The vacation photos are from Indian destinations 🙂

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  1. Glad to see this, congratulations to you both. I wanted to ask one question though, do you now travel long that you’ve luxury of time ? (around India itself). If yes, how do you find long stays without deposit etc ?
    Why I ask is because I plan to retire by 2030 & travel atleast 6 months every year(until bored) but finding easy & affordable accommodation is what I don’t find the answer to.

  2. The photos actually do the talking. Lots of attractive visuals and meaningful activities. A metro can’t provide you good living, they are factories to produce money, the workers needs and care is negligible. Earning more money to spend more and stay late at night on weekends to drink more is the norm. Not very desirable if you want to live happily.

    • I was in Gurgaon and Naren was in New York in our last jobs and though New York has the much better social infrastructure we both had a typical city lifestyle of working late on weekdays and then sleeping or going to parties on weekends. One good habit both of us had was we loved to walk and I did yoga and he cycled regularly. Otherwise, we had a pretty sedentary lifestyle

  3. Must congratulate you on this wonderful goal you have undertaken to pursue as also the commendable progress made thus far. Indeed your photos say a lot !

    Look forward to hearing more from you.

  4. Isnt it very hot in Goa, unless you are a Goan you feel like you have a tan coating in few days? Also Goans are only typically allowed to buy. How does one overcome this?

    • Yes, Goa is warm and humid most of the year. If one is not used to tropical or hot climate getting used to Goa weather can take some time and adjustment. We are renting so we do not have first hand experience of buying property in Goa.

  5. hi..i am 34 years old and live with my husband and 03 year old daughter and and working as a government servant for last 06 was refreshing to read your article…my monthly salary is 60 thousand….kindly guide me how much can i accumulate by the age of 45

    • Hi Prachi,
      We are happy you liked the article. We have a online calculator which can help you calculate this. We have also made a video explaining how to use the calculator. Visit the calculator on our blog: here.
      This should help you to calculate your corpus. Let me know if you still need further help.
      All the best to you!

  6. This is so cool 🙂 . We all imagine to retire and save now, you have done it. I landed on this page via times of India article, where you are mentioned

    • thanks Rachana! the journey might seem daunting initially but once you get started on saving & investing you’ll enjoy it and reach the destination faster than you thought. Good luck to you! Do subscribe to the blog via email for more insights as I post them

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