Next time you step out of the house try this :

  • Leave your credit card behind at home
  • Withdraw cash from the ATM for your weekly budget needs

If you find yourself saving less than you would like or puzzling where all the money was spent when you get the credit card bill : here’s some scientific research for you.

Research shows that using Credit Cards Encourage Extra Spending

It gets worse: the above research also noted that the mere sight of seeing a credit card logo at restaurants made people spend more at the restaurant since credit cards are associated with spending.

On the contrary: the physical act of parting with cash makes you ration it out more carefully since there is only a limited quantity in your wallet or purse. Additionally, you’ll get better at budgeting how much money you need each week.

So here are the baby steps : Carry only cash in your wallet/purse. Carry a Debit card as backup for ATM withdrawals. Till you feel like your savings has increased, leave the credit card behind at home

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