Savings = Income – Expenses

Time to talk about the Expenses part of the equation.

I use a great app call Spendee to track my daily spending. See screenshots below


How I use it

  • Whenever I buy something I immediately open the app and add the expense under the category
  • For known expenses like rent, phone bill etc, I add a recurring expense each month
  • For annual expenses where I pay upfront like health insurance, I break it down into monthly recurring expense. This is so I know my monthly budget. Beauty is : On Day 1 of every month, all these recurring expenses are shown immediately on the app. So I know how much money I’m allowed to spend for the rest of the month .
  • At the end of the month I check if I’m under-budget for the month. If not I check each expense category to figure out where I went over.
  • Additionally, we also analyze whether we can save money in each category. We recently discovered that we would save Rs.1000/month by upgrading to a different internet plan since we were paying extra charges whenever we went over our current plan’s limits.


  • Free
  • Does the job
  • Can set currency to Indian Rupee.
  • Has more advanced features if you need them.


  • Manual entry : Minimum 3-4 of clicks to add a single expense. An app idea I just had : option to just enter the expense amount and app uses location info from phone to figure out if it was a restaurant, market etc 🙂
  • Needs a Budget limit function for each category and total budget per month. That way I can know in real-time if I’m under-budget for a particular category and for the month.


  1. you can use Walnut app…it basically does the same thing and also scans your messages to automatically add the expenses whenever u do any sort of transaction. Plus you can set your budget for the month.
    Basically all your cons can be resolved if u use Walnut.

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