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Once morning sickness faded and we were past critical months in our pregnancy we got excited to get our house ready for our baby. Like the most of the parents we wanted to have everything that could make our and our baby’s life comfortable. So we made a list, did our research and then went ahead and bought or borrowed things we though will be useful to have. In this post we will share with you all the the things we bought and borrowed for our newborn.

In total we spent about Rs. 30,000 to get the home ready for our baby. We saved a lot of money and time because of hand me downs we received from family and friends.

Things we Bought

Things we bought for Kabir

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1. Baby Cot- Rs. 19,000

We wanted to sleep with the baby in the same room in the night but not in the same bed. So, We bought Baby-hug Aspen Wooden Cot Cum Bed. He can use the cot till Age 4. It is made of new Zealand pine wood, it is a very light wood but finish and make is good. We have joined it to our own bed so that we can easily keep a watch on our son in the night. This way it is easy to soothe him as and when needed without disturbing our own comfort. We bought simple foam mattress to go with the cot.

We purchased this online from Firstcry. I found they have most choice available in baby furniture.

2. R for Rabbit Car Seat Rs 6,000

It is comfortable for an infant and can be used till age 7. After we got discharged from the hospital, I stepped outside with kabir in my hands, suddenly everything seemed so big and he in comparison seemed so fragile. I was scared to carry him home in my arms. during the drive I was aware of every pothole and turn. I reached home and I knew I had to order a car seat right away. He enjoys sitting in his little car seat and I do not have to worry about holding him in my hands. Also eventually we may not be able to always go out in pair, so it makes sense to get him used to sit by himself in a car seat.

We bought the car seat online from Amazon. here is the link:

3. Cradle- Rs, 3,200

Baby loves rhythmic movements and Kabir is no different. We bought him cradle after we saw him enjoying his cradle in the hospital. He sleeps longer in the cradle, because we gently rock him from time to time. He takes his day naps in the cradle.

Though cradle can only be used for short duration it is really helpful with 0-3 months babies because these initial months are tough on every one and if something can make your baby sleep longer trust me it is most welcome. Also, the cradle has wheels so we can move it around the house, this has been a useful feature too. This way we can easily  move him from room to room even when he is sleeping.

We purchased this online from Amazon. here is the link:

4. Feeding Pillow Rs. 1,100

A simple foam pillow can do such a magic. It is a blessing for me- as a new mother I had to sit for hours to breastfeed Kabir. the feeing pillow provides nice platform for Kabir to lie down while feeding, and it also support my back  It is one of our most favourite and inexpensive buy! I highly recommend it.

We purchased it online from Amazon. here is the link-

Things we borrowed

1. Diaper changing cum storage unit

After C-section it is not comfortable to bend. Our friends gave us their son’s diaper changing table which also has 3 drawers. It is high enough so that you can change your baby’s diaper standing and for a new born you have to change a lots of diaper. This table saved us some major back aches.

Again in those initial days when everyone is overwhelmed these small things do help. Though I would not recommend you to buy diaper changing station if you are on budget, you can simply use any high table available at home. But if you have to buy a storage for your baby’s clothes then you can look at one of the table cum storage options.

2. Baby Stroller

This is a hand me down from Kabir’s older cousin. He has not used this much yet. it will come handy when we will restart our evening walks at the beach and joggers park in a month or two. It is a mee mee stroller.

3. Baby Carrier

It secures baby nicely to our chest when we are going out. what I love about it is a more safe way to carry baby around in crowded places and also that our hands are free. It is a Mothercare carrier. We do not go out with the baby that often so we have used it only on 2-3 occasions yet.

4. Electric Breast Pump

It was a saviour and at some point all new mothers may have to use an electric or manual breast pump. I got mine pre-loved from my Kinder Garden friend. Again it was essential for me though I only used it for few days I could not have done without it. It is a Medela electric pump.

I wouldn’t advice anyone to buy it in advance. Wait and discuss with your paediatrician before you buy one.

I think we could have done without every thing we borrowed except the breast pump. So, while it is good to have all these things they are not essential. 

Buying Vs. Borrowing- 4 Good Reason to consider borrowing

At the planning stage we did get bit carried away and made a list of all possible things and gadgets to buy for our son:-) the feeling parents have to provide best for their kids- we now understand it and feel the same way.

If money was the only consideration we may have just gone ahead and bought all of it. But we figured some very good reasons besides saving money for getting few hands me down from family and friends.

Kabir with his christmas stockings

Kabir with his Christmas stocking!

  1. Kids grow out of things very fast: Any parent can vouch that kids grow out of things very fast. We bough a cradle for our son and he can only use it till he begins to turn which make total usage to 3- 6 months. I am already petrified with what I will do with all the things that our kid is outgrowing. I hope to find someone soon who can use them.
  2. Saves the environment (prevents landfill): For us this is an equally important reason. we want our kids to grow amongst trees and breath clean air. So we do as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint.
  3. Saves Time: Not to forget hand me downs also saves time and effort of doing research before buying. I got an old breast pump from my Best-friend and it saved me hours of research.
  4. Baby does not care about stuff yet:  Take advantage of this time because soon they will have long lists of things they want from you! and you will have to gladly oblige for the rest of your life:-)

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If you are a soon to be parent or just curious of daily things a new born needs, feel free to scroll down for this information:

List of clothes for new born

  • We live in warm climate so I do not need warm clothes.
  • Onesies are very comfortable for newborns and keep the stomach area covered properly.
  • Swaddleis a key for making newborn sleep longer. Buy 10–12. I bough muslin cloth and cut them into 1.2 meter squares to make my own cheap swaddle. You can buy them online as well. Learn about swaddling here
  • It is better to have undershirt on newborns just to keep them warm
  • Booti/shoes and blanket is for when you are taking baby out.

List of Toiletries

  • We use baby toiletries that have least amount of chemicals and fragrances.
  • We use one Soap for entire body and head. One is for warm months and one is for winter when his skin is bit dry. That is all you need.
  • Moisturiser is for winter days when baby’s skin is dry.
  • Some babies get fever after vaccination, so better to get thermometer in advance.
  • Kids nails grow vey fast, baby nail clipper is a must
  • Nasal aspirator is for blocked nose. Know more about Nasal aspirator here

We would love to hear about your experience with your baby. Do share it with us in comments!

Do let us know if you want us to write more about kid related stuff and our routine with a newborn.


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